Tracked Evacuation Chairs
Tracked Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation Chairs Middle East; Evacusafe is a leading brand when it comes to Evacuation Chairs, a name that is synonymous with high build quality, high performance, ease-of-use, fully certified professional training courses and fantastic customer service.

Currently we offer two models of Evacuation Chair for sale.  Both of which have been specially designed to assist with the safe evacuation of mobility impaired people in an emergency evacuation, such as a fire in a multi-level building.

Both models have specially designed tracks which make them easy to manoeuvre on stairs and provide comfort and security for the evacuee.

A person may suffer from limited mobility due to a number of reasons, for example they may be disabled, injured, heavily pregnant or suffer from mental health issues.  Everyone deserves the same change of a safe escape when an emergency evacuation is required.

Our top selling Excel Model comes with some additional extras compared to our Standard Model, however both models are extremely popular and can be found in many establishments throughout the world.  We also offer excellent training packages that ensure your staff members are fully aware of best practises when it comes to using the chairs.

Watch our demonstration video: